Here’s That Rainy Day/Van Heusen

Samuel Rugg on Guitar and Johannes Ronquillo On Bass

Interstellar Artifact

Composed by Samuel Rugg
Performed by Wesley Forney (Piano) and Aleah Fitzwater (Flute)
Mastering by Ryan Dalton.

An exploratory and textural composition written originally for piano and adopted for Piano and Flute.


Composed by Samuel Rugg
Featuring John Churchville on Tabla
Mixing and Mastering by Ryan Murray

Himalayan Peaks

Composed by Samuel Rugg
Mastering by Ryan Murray
An Improvisatory Jam that @Aleahflute(IG) and myself cooked up, based on @TesseracT‘s track, Tourniquet. Imperfect, flowy, and fun. Check it out!
An independent film by a good friend of mine, J.R. Howe. Featuring music written by myself and my brother Ryan Murray (Soundcloud; Instagram). A fun espionage story!